Sell With Us

Welcome to Bazaari – Egypt’s online marketplace app for buying and selling local products.  Join Bazaari today and start selling! 

We are pleased to see you taking your brand to the next level!

This page will give you tips on how to get started and some best practices with  videos attached below

You first want to create a store. How? Step 1 is to download the app. As a store you will be using the Bazaari Business app. This is available on the App store or Google Play.

01. Create Store

Once you create an account at the sign up stage, you will be taken to a Create Store page. On this page you will fill in the information like Store Name, Description, Phone Number, Pick Up Address, City and Return Policy. Please remember to fill this information as accurately as possible.

02. Create Collections

Now that you have a store, its time to create Collections. These Collections are where the products get grouped so its easier for the buyer to search An example of this would be to group your products into seasons. Winter collection could include shoes like boots and closed shoes. Summer collection could be flip flops and sandals, etc. It is up to you to decide. Remember to create Collections BEFORE you add products.

03. Add Products

Now that you have your Collections, it is time to add Products. Once your Collections are ready, you can now add products to your online store. You simply click on Products → Add Products → Then you fill in the following info:

  • Product Images (See below recommendations)
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Category: In this case Fashion → Women → Shoes
  • Collection
  • Ready for pick up in

You can add a photo by clicking on the Plus sign. Remember to take the right photo. The better the photo, the higher the sales. Its simple! Having a great photo of your product can be the difference between making the sale and not making it.

We recommend hiring a product photographer to do this. A mobile photo is not as effective as a professional camera especially when it comes to products.

Photos should be taken in:

  • Natural Daylight
  • With a clean lens
  • With People wearing the item if possible
  • In Hi-Res images


  • Sizes – List all sizes available for example XS, S, M and L. This is very important so buyers order only available sizes.
  • Colors – This is a mandatory field so the buyers know which colors are available
  • Depending on the product you will get other options such as Fit.
  • Additional information –  We recommend you fill this in so buyers have a clear idea of the product. Information such as material or pattern can be important to the buyers.


if you have multiple versions of the same product. For example: If you have only 1 color and 1 size of a specific shirt then there is no need for variants. However, if you have Black and Red available in Small and Medium then this is 4 variants (Black Small, Black medium, Red Small, Red Medium).

  • SKU – What is the number assigned to this item e.g. Black – Medium shirt = 68968
  • Quantity – How many Black medium shirts are there available?
  • Price (EGP) – This is the price for this specific variant. E.g. Black medium shirts are 250 EGP
  • Sale Price – This is the price if it on some sort of promotion. Perhaps it is 199 this month
  • Photo – Each Variant needs its own photo

Once this is all done you will click Save and Publish and your request will be submitted for approval.

04. Subscriptions & Payments

Keep in mind there are 2 types of subscriptions:

1. Pay As You Go – You should try this in the beginning to try out the marketplace

EGP 0 monthly fee 

+20% of revenue goes to Bazaari

2. Pro Seller – Go for this If you are confident with your brand and products (This will save you money) 

EGP 250 monthly fee

+10% of revenue goes to Bazaari


05. Lets talk about the dashboard.

This is where everything is. You can see a total view of your orders. This includes New orders, Picked Up orders, delivered orders and Cancelled orders. All store statistics are available.