What is Bazaari?

Bazaari is a local online marketplace that connects local sellers with buyers. It is a platform that allows local brands in Fashion, Beauty, Home or Food products to be bought and sold on a safe, user-friendly online marketplace 

Why should I buy on Bazaari? 

Instead of going through hundreds of different accounts on social media to find and shop the latest trends, this is now all available under one roof. Here you can find your favorite local brands and all shipping and handling is done through the platform. Shopping on Instagram is exhausting and customer service is questionable. We have made it easier for you to shop! 

Why should I sell on Bazaari?

Well ask yourself this…Why would I spend money on marketing and creating websites when there is an app that can do all of this for me? 

Create a store and add your products on our online marketplace today. 

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

01. Create Store

02. Add Collections & Products

03. Start Selling

Read more on the Sell With US section 

How do I create my store?

Once you create an account and confirm your email, you will be taken to a Create Store page. On this page you will fill in the information like Store Name, Description, Phone Number, Pick Up Address, City and Return Policy. 

How do I add products? 

Once your store is created, you can now add products to your online store. You simply click on Products → Add Products →  Then you fill in the following info: 


  • Product Images (See below recommendations)
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Category: In this case Fashion → Women → Shoes
  • Collection
  • Ready for pick up in

What is a good product image? 

The better the photo, the higher the sales. 

Its simple! Having a great photo of your product can be the difference between making the sale and not making it. 

We recommend hiring a product photographer to do this. A mobile photo is not as effective as a professional camera especially when it comes to products. 

Photos should be taken in:

  • Natural Daylight
  • With a clean lens 
  • People wearing the item if possible 
  • Lighting is everything! 
  • Hi-Res images

How do I group my products into collections? 

It is best to group/ categories your store into Collections. An example of this would be to group your products into seasons. Winter collection could include shoes like boots and closed shoes. Summer collection could be flip flops and sandals, etc. 

What are the types of subscriptions available? 

Pay As You Go – try this out to test the buyers

EGP 0 monthly fee 

+20% per sale goes to Bazaari

Pro Seller – If you are confident of selling more, you should go for this package to save money

EGP 250 monthly fee

+10% per sale goes to Bazaari

How do I get paid for my sales?

As a seller, you will be paid for your sales on a bi-weekly basis. Every 2 weeks, you will be paid to your bank account. This will be deposited to your account that was given to us at registration. Please make sure that all of your details are up to date in order to avoid payment delays. 

What is a Product ad? 

These are ads that can promote a particular product. As a seller, you can pick your best selling product and promote it on the the specific section page of the buyers. This will help you increase your chances of selling this product as it will be seen more by buyers. 

What is a store ad? 

This is an ad that promotes your entire store. This will be seen by buyers on the home page and the banner will drive traffic to your store. Promoting your store increases your chances of buyers viewing your store and definitely higher sales. You will need to design a banner with your store brand and upload it on the app.